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Commonweath National Bank
Direct Mail Campaign

Commonwealth National Bank in Harrisburg, Pennsylvania wanted to reach 500 corporate customers in the 3 county area. After considering Media Network Advertising we decided instead to go with a direst mail campaign.

The problem was, what would be interesting enough to get all the way to the CEO's or CFO's desk and stimulate them to let a bank saleman into their office.

The answer was Commonwealth Blocks. Every letter of the alphabet stands for a corporate banking service, "Automatic Individual Deposit" through "Zero Balance Checking". Each block had 4-5 letters of the alphabet and the corresponding banking service, the bank logo and a puzzle piece of a master painting.

The blocks were sent out 2 a week for 3 weeks. When all six were recieved and the painting was revealed, the customer could call the bank and get a signed, numbered, limited edition print of the painting. The print was hand delivered by a bank salesman, thus getting him into the right office.

This promotion got 100% response, the bank received $60 million worth of new business in the first 3 months of this promotion and it won a National Bank Marketing Award.