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Corporate Financial Services Capabilities Brochure

CFS is a closely knit association of eight insurance related companies located on the east coast in the Philadelphia area. They provide a great deal of business, employee and health insurance options.

In this case, they wanted to have one promotional piece that was a quick overview of their products and could fold down to fit a number 10 envelope or an inside suit pocket.

Because of the popularity of sculling on the east coast, the health benefits of exercise and the convenient fact that eight men pulling together in a scull were similar to these eight companies and the way they worked together, we decided on this as our team image.

In writing the copy we used nautical terms, such as identifying the lifesaver of the group (health insurance) and the fact that you are "up-a-creek-without-a-paddle", if you are missing some of these services. Graphics were clean and accurate to a real sculling team. The brochure was printed one side and was accordion folded to fit a standard business envelope.