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F&A Federal Credit Union

Firefighters and Agricultural workers started this Credit Union 50 years ago and it has recently grown to one of the larger Credit Unions in the Nation.

The Board of Directors has credited much of its growth to the marketing efforts started 7 years ago. After reviewing the two-color brochures back then I decided that to gain the confidence of its members, the Credit Union marketing materials needed to convey a more professional. secure and stable image.

Since the Credit Union had grown to be mostly firefighters and their families, an image was created based on firefighting and its long, important history with the Los Angeles community.

This was accomplished by using antique fire equipment along with contemporary financial images in four color still life photos to create a brand or corporate image. Easily identifiable and targeted to the Credit Union's members

The Credit Union has almost doubled its members and assets since this campaign was started. Now members have the confidence to use the Credit Union for all of their financial needs.