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St Jude Hospital Mind & Body Brochure (Mental Health)

The hospital was instituting a new mental health program that involved an in-hospital stay of up to six weeks. Since this is a very sensitive area to discuss, we decided to try to take some of the stigma off of it by relating to the popularity of gymnastics and physical fitness.

Just like we can sprain an area of the body or lose our balance, the same can occur in different areas of ones' mental fitness. Even gymnasts, who have almost perfect control over their bodies, occassionally fall, strain, sprain or even break a body part.

Your mental health, in any one area, can need attention, massaging or therapy the same way an athlete needs these treatments physically. Using popular gymnastics images along with abstract geometic shapes, similiar to objects used by the therapist in treatment sessions, greatly helped promote the idea of facing and dealing with these problems without feeling like an outcast.