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Taco Bell MBA Recruitment Brochure

Taco Bell wanted to recruit MBA graduates at university job fairs.
Most MBAs were looking to investment firms and banking institutions for employment and it was up to us to convince the best candidates that Taco Bell was a viable alternative.

We created a package of materials outlining the opportunities at this Pepsico company and the fact that most successful job applicants were in charge of 16 million dollars worth of assets after just one year with the company.

We felt it important to stick to the corporate colors designated by Taco Bell and we refreshed the artwork style for this educated audience. The package consisted of an overall folder, master overview brochure and introductory letters with business scenarios, and four rack type brochures that outlined various benefits and salary packages. These smaller brochures were 2 color and were revised and reprinted on a regular basis according to the client needs at the time.